Body of Knowledge

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Strategic Business Analysis

Topic 1: Corporate Objectives, Strategy and Structure

Topic 2: Strategic Marketing Analysis and Budgeting

Topic 3: Financial Analysis in Product Portfolio Management

Topic 4: Pricing Methods and Strategies

Topic 5: Financial Dimensions of Pricing in International Business Strategies

Topic 6: Promotion: Push Strategy and Human Resource Management

Topic 7: Promotion: Pull Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communication

Topic 8: Supply Chain Management and the Place-Distribution Decision

Topic 10: Free Cash Flows and Strategic Value Analysis

Topic 11: Risk Management - Corporate Radar and Early Warning Systems

Topic 12: Strategic Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators


Strategic Cost Management

Topic 1: Management Control Systems

Topic 2: Lean Manufacturing and Quality Control

Topic 3: Cost Accounting and Cost Management in a Lean Environment

Topic 4: Life Cycle Costing Systems

Topic 5: Benchmarking

Topic 6: Activity Based Cost Allocation System

Topic 7: Customer Profitability Analysis

Topic 8: Process Control and Activity Based Management

Topic 9: Implementing Re-engineered Cost Analysis and Control Systems

Topic 10: Strategic Performance Management Systems

Topic 11: Emerging Issues 1: Triple Bottom Line Accounting and Carbonomics

Topic 12: Emerging Issues 2: Governance, Empowerment and the Strategic Audit