CMA Overview

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The aim of CMA® program is to further develop skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis in the areas of cost and management accounting for associate members and, in the process, create an awareness of some current developments in the profession.


The programme can only be taken by a candidate who has met the pre-requisite entry requirements of the program. It is not designed as one in which highly structured methods and rules are applied to various topics in order to find one "correct" solution or answer for problems or issues. Rather, it is more a possibilities quest, in which various controversial conceptual and practical issues will be reviewed and analysed, with due recognition to the reality of alternative value judgements. Given the history of recent developments in the profession and business practices, this approach to the study of the subject of management accounting is considered feasible and warranted.


Furthermore, evidence is available that in managerial accounting, procedures continue to evolve and develop. Much of this dynamic activity is in response to changing business practices and policies and the complexity of modern firms.


The CMA® program is offered globally and recognized by number of universities as equivalent to two graduate-level managerial accounting courses in their Masters degrees.