Why Get Certified?

There are many reasons why CFOs and other executives choose to become CMA®:

 1. Professional Recognition

You become the voice of the profession.The CMA® designation represents a broad business competency and mastery of the management-level skills required to add value, drive business performance, and build quality financial practices within organizations. The program objectively tests and validates expertise in areas essential to analyzing, managing and evaluating business solutions that contribute to the success of an organization. The CMA® credential indicates a commitment to excellence based on a strong, ethical foundation and dedication to lifelong learning.

 2. 24/7 access to information, tools, and networking

CMAs have access to a wide variety of resource materials such as publications, sample cases, research papers. They can also attend various events such as seminars, forums, webinars, conferences organized by the institute for personal and professional development.

 3. Be a part of the most expansive community of management accounting professionals

Prove your ability to become a strategic business partner, while you also enhance your self-confidence, your sense of accomplishment, and your resume. CMA Philippines provides you with the largest community of management accounting professionals in the country.

 4. Salary and Career Management

CMA Philippines can expand your opportunities in your current business or your future career. Findings of IMA’s 20th Annual Salary Survey indicate that professionals holding the CMA® designation and certification have greater earning power – 24% higher in salary and 31% higher in total compensation – than their noncertified colleagues.

 5. Continuing Professional Development Opportunities

 CMA Philippines offers a variety of courses with content uniquely geared for the professional development of management accountants working inside organizations. Not only is the content designed with you in mind, CMA’s courses are available in a wide array of delivery formats- online self-study, webinars, live events and conferences, and through local chapter networks.

 6. Thought Leadership

CMA Philippines research is on the cutting-edge, building the body of knowledge and identifying the best practices to give CMAs the competitive edge. Businesses around the world rely on CMAs for accounting, finance, and information management and most importantly, for the strategic planning and business solutions provided by these qualified professionals. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble recognize that employing CMAs help to improve company performance in an aggressive global business arena.

 7. International Reach

CMA Philippines is a registered provider institute of the ICMA Australia. Thus, members of CMA Philippines are also a part of the largest association of management accountants and finance professionals worldwide.

 So, who are those professionals qualified to attend the CMA® Program?

Learn how to to get certified