CMA Testimonials

Joana Michelle de Guzman
Financial Consultant

I highly recommend this CMA program! It turns me into a confident person from a very shy person by interacting with different individuals from different levels and industries that I knew I can treasure and rely on even after this program. My usual financial or traditional reporting will not be the same again as I will apply all the learnings I’ve gained from this program.

Rogelio Lumanta
Senior Finance Manager

CMA program provides a good balance of financial and non-financial information that is both relevant to the growth of a company. The session gives us an insightful view of what are the other aspects that are important other than the usual numbers and figures that we have in our financial reporting. It’s an avenue to think beyond the box and create more value for the company as an employee and part of the management team.

Mariecielo Pamaylaon
Regional Accounting and Control Manager

The CMA program taught me the value of interpreting the numbers into words and providing a plan on how to do it and eventually implement the same. We, as CMA, carry the knowledge of helping the management realize the company’s vision and mission into life.

Arnel Sevilla
General Manager – Finance

The CMA sessions are very helpful and a great supplement to my learnings in accounting as well as businesses as a whole

Rosemarie Gimeno-Arnado
Finance Manager

CMA is really a very good training platform. I gained more useful knowledge which I can use in my job, keep me relevant, and make me a more valuable person.