CMA Testimonials

Nenita M. Ramos
Accountant, Manila Observatory

“The program gave me a new way of thinking other than enriching numbers. The lessons learned not only apply to work alone but also in life.”

Emily Silao-Singcol
Jr. Associate, Procter and Gamble Int’l ROHQ

“I have been preparing for this program for 5 years now and have set some expectations and so far, these expectations were served! CMA program helped me realize that there are lot of opportunities found within the organization, that there are techniques and methods can be used to improved different processes from human resources, purchasing, accounting, payments and governance. It thought me to go beyond the number, to go behind the computations and to analyze, provide recommendations and suggestions the will benefit the company and managements welfare as a whole.”

Dhannel Masangkay
Department Manager General Accounting and Global fixed Assets, SunPower Manufacturing Ltd., ROHQ

“CMA course is programs that will help professionals gain more knowledge not only in measuring business results but more on creating value to the company. Participants to this program will help them understand the importance of value creation not only to the company but also to me environment and the society that we live in.”

Gwendolyn Chan
Finance Officer, Wyeth

“What I like about the programs are the application of concepts in business cases. This allowed us to take a deeper look on how management accountants can better support the business both short and long term.”

Ira Grace Delos Reyes-Arches
Finance Manager, Geddata Systems Tech., Inc.

“I have no regrets in joining the CMA program. The discussion is fast-paced but the more extensive when it comes to analysis. Having a fast-paced discussion keeps me upon my toes. The extensive analysis for every case is very helpful.”

Brenda A. Neri
Sr. Finance Analyst, Pilmico Foods Corporation

“I highly recommend the program to all accountants and even non-accountants.”