CMA Testimonials

Rita Capucao
CFO, Honda Motor Sports Inc.

The CMA Program is instrumental in providing as strategic perspective in creating value to customers and value to shareholders. The concepts are not new to me but what is more important is the learning of how to apply these theories and concepts in my current role in my company. Looking ahead, the CMA program proves its effectiveness by assisting me in leading the pathways to my future.

Emma Angelica P. Yangyang
Senior Associate Banking & Treasury Cash Manager, Procter & Gamble

“Engaging in CMA program provided a new set of appreciation in managing the business by integrating the strategic and cost management skills. This opens me to a lot more opportunities to explore different areas of business where this acquired knowledge can be reapplied. It is also a good venue to interact across different professionals from different industries that makes each session a lot more insightful”

Gracia Moreto
Marketing Specialist , Littlefuse Phils. Inc.

“CMA has taught me to be confident in front of all levels of financial people who are taking the CMA session as well. My learnings throughout the course not only limits to the lessons by the resource person but also from the discussions or sharing from my classmates from different fields and industries.”

Christine Asuncion
Accounting Manager, Sycip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan Law Office

“CMA program have opened an interactive & additional learning avenue for my professional growth. In addition. I also gained new connections/colleague whom I can relate to or exchange with best management practices. Overall, the program can help me in achieving my personal goal – to be a Certified Management Accountant, an added value to my skills and to my performance of duties & responsibilities”

Emil Paul Jimenez
Finance Manager, Nine Media Corporation (CNN Phils)

“CMA helped me appreciate and to look beyond and above the numbers. Widens the horizon and elevate into higher perspective in terms of business strategic thinking and strategic decision making.”

Melody V. Depauditon
Finance Manager, Mang-Inasal Phils. Inc.

“CMA program is highly recommended certification more importantly to finance and accounting people who does not only compute the financial performance of business but to those who wants to add further value in their job. The topics will help link or integrates computations to company strategies resulting to achievement of vision and mission.”