CMA Testimonials

Gian Marco Geminiano
Financial Planning Manager

I have learned a lot on Strategic Cost Management and Strategic Business Analysis. It gave me a new perspective on Management Accounting which I can apply in the workplace.

Michael Guarin
CMA Batch 48 Participant

The CMA sessions helped me gain a fresh and more active perspective about business. It gave me new ideas on how to improve the strategic position of my company. The framework discussed was very relevant and can be practically applied in actual business meetings. The lecturers were very knowledgeable and highly engaging.

Reggie Lorraine Natividad
Technical Assistant – Financial Management Services

Being a part of the CMA Program helps me understand and reflect on the responsibilities we have as accountants in the changing world. Meeting people and sharing insights has given me a room for learning and growth. This experience is totally worth it!

Mary Ann Gonzales
APAC Shared Services Controller

This seminar helped me gain more confidence and was able to learn more applicable to my everyday life. Thank you CMA.

Ted Ian Dionisio
Tax Advisory Manager

Inspiring and fruitful