CMA Testimonials

Michael Francis G. Zapata
Team Head, Investment Banking

I’m glad they adapted the course well online, and we were able to finish the course

Jeff Bryan Pineda
Senior Cost Accountant

The program was very helpful by opening up to experienced professionals the wider perspective of management accounting and its value to every organization.

Jelyn C. Cerbolles
CMA Batch 48 Participant

The CMA Program redefined my idea of strategic planning, strategic thinking and the important roles of accountants, as forward-looking and value-creating members of the organization. CMA equipped me with new skills, tools and reflections that will guide me in creating value both in my career and personal life. The speakers are inspiring and passionate. They relate the topics with real life experiences and even polish it up, bringing it on a personal level effectively. They inspired me to reflect and personalize every topic, every case and every question. I’ve done my best in one of the longest 12-saturday-sessions in CMA history. But it turned out that it was just the start of my exciting journey to learn more. It has opened a lot of doors for me to continuously discover. It prepared and gave me the confidence to hold that doorknob, turn it and push forward.

Edward John Nunag
Tax Manager

Information is flowing like water. Attending CMA has enabled me to unlock immense potential in several areas of our operations. Classes and learnings are impressive and exciting. Kudos to CMA Batch 48

Kerwin Qiem B. Icaro
Finance Manager

I’m happy to be part of this training. I learned a lot from it, and also gained new friends (expanded my network). Thanks to both facilitators for their patience in sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Amelia De Guzman
Vice President, Finance and Control

Comprehensive Learnings On CMA and knowledge provided by classmates working in other companies.