Strategic Planning & Budgeting Program


This is an advanced interactive seminar that takes budgeting skills to the next level. Over the two days the delegates will develop their skills and methods for better budgeting and beyond. The course integrates all higher level guidance with modern performance management processes to ensure optimization of the budgeting process. This training will also show how Strategy is linked to Budgeting, how Forecasting is linked to Budgeting, how actual performance can be measured to help us Control the budget variances, which leads to more accurate budgets in the future.

Who should attend?

  • Financial Planning and Control Staff involved in the performance of a business unit, division or an organisation as whole
  • Professionals with direct or indirect financial responsibilities
  • Personnel who manage departments with budgetary plans, and who are responsible for cost and strategic analysis
  • Professionals from all sectors of industry, but particularly those involved in manufacturing, production, engineering or sales
  • Professionals who would benefit from having an opportunity to consider new ideas and methods in budgeting

Module Topics

  • Foundational Concepts
  • Budget Transformation
  • Budget Strategy
  • Creating a Competitive Advantage
  • Employee Involvement

SPBP Testimonials

Jovelle Ventoso
Finance Manager, Assurance Solutions Insurance Agency

"The strategic planning and budgeting program has helped me to look at things at the bigger picture. My company’s vision and mission statement makes more sense and importance. It is also a realization on the current status of my company and on how I can be a major contributor in making our budget a reality."

Mary Ann R. Martinez
Budget & Management Specialist, SEARCA

"This seminar gave me new perspectives that will be valuable inputs to my work. The concepts that I already knew were verified new insights were learned. Also, this program encouraged me to analyze more the tasks that I have been doing. I gained new learnings from my co-participants testimonies and sharing."

Gale Florence B. Escandelor
Budget & Treasury Head, Riverside College, Inc.

"Attending the 11th strategic planning & budgeting program enabled me to know the significant role of strategy & budget in the entity. Regardless of the industry, budgeting is crucial to the plans of the org. it helped me gain a lot of knowledge about practices that we could implement to help the organization be competitive. Thank you Ms. Neri. You’re a great speaker. It was worth the wait and the time."