CMA Testimonials

Ma. Elsa N. Rioveros
Finance Officer

The CMA program has taught me a lot especially in handling difficult decisions that will very much affect our company. Cases and examples were concrete that enables us to think and reflect more. Most importantly, they did not only teach us the content but so the inner core of it. I met and gained friends as well. Mabuhay CMA batch 49.

Maria Cristina Viola
Senior Vice President – Finance and Accounting/Analytics & Performance Management

I am writing in connection with pursuing my designation for Certified Management Accountant. I have attended the CMA Program Course under Batch 20, but unfortunately, due to work and family schedule, I was unable to complete the full requirements to earn my designation, upon completion of the course. I welcomed a new member of our family then and priorities have changed and certain adjustments need to be made to balance work and family life. Some years after completion of the program course, I am very keen to earn my designation. I would appreciate very much a reconsideration for me to pursue this. I would like to express how grateful I am for the program, that more than earning the designation, the program truly allowed me to be better at my role. Since then, my career has progressed well in the same company I am connected with and has paved the way for me to also develop as a mentor and a leader in the company. The program has allowed me as well to institutionalize many programs, beyond projects and initiatives, and has allowed me to make significant contributions to the success of the company and my teams as well. This progress I have made, even prior to completion of earning the CMA designation. Needless to say, the program has been truly helpful and I am confident there are many more with similar stories that I have. Having said, I also recognize the importance of earning the designation, and it would be very remiss on my part to let this opportunity pass. Hence, I took again a refresher course under Batch 49. The sessions have allowed me to reconfirm the benefits of the program especially in the various roles I have performed. Thanks very much and more power to CMA Phils and ICMA Australia.”

Olga Ponce
Finance Director

Attending the CMA Program has made my pandemic lockdown experience more meaningful and worth remembering. This program reminded, refreshed, and most importantly taught me to be updated with the latest strategies and cost management principles. Dr. Uy is an extraordinary educator, I learned a lot from him! Thank you to ICMA Philippine Branch Team and Facilitators for this wonderful learning experience!

Maria Victoria San Luis
VP Finance Controller

Efforts paid off. Investment, in terms of money and time, was well worth it. Professors were well versed with the latest business/market practices and were passionately involved in all discussion items.