CMA Testimonials

Emmanuel F. Amistoso
Finance, British American Tobacco

“The program guided my move to change the perspective of viewing a business beyond the horizon as an entity existing for profit. Core principles were placed in order to help me understand how a business should operate & why it should exist.”

Roxanne Castillano
Finance Manager, San R Construction Corp.

“Topics are very helpful to my position. The presentations are well prepared and the teachers are very knowledgeable.”

Nailah Cristobal
Team Lead – Intercompany, Henkel

“The whole CMA program had been a lot of fun for me! It made me realize the practical things that I need to get myself into to be able to add value to my company. The speakers were able to synthesize the concepts to make it applicable in our everyday work lives.”

Royce Ang
Finance Accountant, WHO

“Having attended the CMA course made me aware of the value that I would be able to create & at the same time share with my employer once I become a CMA.”

Kristel Joy Tobias
Bank Examiner, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

“The CMA program made me realize & understand a broader perspective of management accounting. It is very beneficial and essential both to accountants & non-accountants. It gave me a deeper understanding & grasp of the management reports I deliver & even gave me better approaches/alternatives, better strategies, greater initiatives and knowledge in creating value to the organization.”

Hilda M. Quillo
Finance & Compliance Manager, HDK Philippines Incorporated

“First, I do feel that CMA program is what I need to enhance more my career and profession. As I plan my future the need to continuing education is vital for me to move in a much high paying job. True enough before the program ends I was able to win a job in BGC, having CMA as my advantage tool. Thank you for making me ahead with my career!”